Tacos with home made chicken minced meat

Tagliatelle Parma


  • serves 18 tacos: 

    • 18 mini wraps
    • 2 big chicken breasts
    • garam masala 
    • paprika powder
    • handful coriander
    • parmmigiano
    • red beans 
    • messicana salsa from Calve 
    • lime & jalapeno salsa from Calve 


Put the chicken breats one by one in a blender and mix it with the ice-crushing function.
Be careful not to mix it too long, only a few seconds. Or you'll get chicken mousse. 
Add pepper and salt. 

Bake the chicken in a hot pan and add some Garam Masala and paprika. 
When the chicken is almost done, add the red beans. Whom you first rinsed with water. I always use beans from a can. 

Add some freshly cut coriander. 

Take an oven plate and cover it with a baking sheet. Place the mini wraps on it and sprinkle some olive oil on both side of them. Rasp parmigiano on top, don't be afraid to use too much cheese ;-) 
Then fill them with the chicken mixture. 
Add some more coriander, a splash of Messicana salsa and close the wraps like tacos.
If it does'nt stay closed, use a toothpick. 

Place in an oven of 180 degrees until the tacos become crispy and brown. Usually taken 5 to 8 minutes max. 

Serve with again some fresh coriander, some cherry tomatoes (for the colour) and if you want to some sour cream. Drizzle a bit of lime & jalapeno salsa on top and you're done.

You can use all topping you like for these tacos! 

Buon Appetito!

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